Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Rescue

  Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Rescue (hereinafter referred to as CYTR) is comprised of volunteers dedicated to the welfare/rescue of Yorkshire Terriers and like mixes which also tends to include the Silky Terrier breed which is sometimes mistaken for a Yorkshire Terrier.  These Terriers come into CYTR’s care from a variety of situations such as owner surrenders, pounds, kill shelters, unwanted, abandoned, neglectful, abusive situations, puppymills, etc.

 Although our focus in Rescue remains with the Yorkshire Terrier breed, we do work with breeds and rescuers of most small dogs and we will work with other rescue type organizations to ensure that the animals best interest comes first.

What does CYTR do?

To ensure that we meet our goals to save a dogs life, or improve upon its living conditions, we liaison with kill and non-kill shelters, pounds, other rescues, owners, veterinarians, groomers, trainers, and whomever else we can. We do believe that with these combined efforts we can cut down on the number of animals that are euthanized needlessly each year.

If you or anyone you know no longer wishes to care for a Yorkshire Terrier, mix or like small breed, please take comfort in knowing that CYTR is here to help. When an owner surrenders an animal into our rescue, we are not judgmental to the factors as to why an owner would like to find an alternate home for their dog(s). We respect everyone's privacy. In fact we are aware that not all dogs and all humans can live harmoniously within the same environment. Situation and lifestyle changes are inevitable, and not everyone can care for an animal with special needs.

Within the comforts of our approved and private foster homes, we then provide the necessary medical attention, rehabilitation, emotional support and re-training for all the dogs that come into our care. It is only then, and through careful screening, that we find loving forever homes for these delicate animals.

Please also note that although we may place an animal in your home, we do insist that you return the animal to us for re-homing should your lifestyle change.

We enforce spaying/neutering your pet. 
The key to our success is through education






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We donot endorse irresponsible breeding of any animals





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